Need to "think like an athlete"? In absence of a Jedi Master, why not start with the links below:

Star Wars Yoda: Much to learn, we still have.

Training for Runners*
Maffetone Method - My current training plan
Hal Higdon - My previous Half Marathon training plan
Map My Run - Log your progress on your smartphone

Never Binge Again - The only thing I've found to be effective in eliminating my food problems
Mark's Daily Apple - How a paleo diet can support your inner athlete
Whole 30 - Get a jump start on cleaning up your diet
Eat Healthy - If you need extra help eating like an athlete, this hypnosis app works well (also see Visualization).
Two Week Test - See if you are carbohydrate intolerant

Sleep - Find out what time you should go to bed to feel fully rested

Calm - Bring your inner Yoda to life with this meditation app
Headspace - Another great guided meditation app
Eat Healthy - If you need help eating like an athlete, this hypnosis app works well (also see Nutrition)
Future Self YouTube- Ask your future self how you're going to perform at your next event. Best to use this on your smartphone with headphones.

*Just a reminder, the whole point of my training now is so that I can finally achieve my sub 2:00:00 half-marathon goal and STOP running. See why running should be limited to short sprints only.

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