Saturday, September 16, 2017


I spent some time cleaning the house this morning, then made my way over to the gym for arm day. Actually, it really could have been any workout day of my choosing, given it has been over a week since I last did any voluntary exercise. I also checked the runDisney website for an update on Tink. Still no news. Rats. (I've decided to clean up my language a bit. It's been pretty terrible lately, and I'm better than that.)

Oh, I'm sorry. Is an update on my half marathon training not the story you're here for?

The story you want to hear is one I'm not quite ready to tell. Because even though it has a drop-to-my-knees-and-thank-a-higher-power-I-don't-really-believe-in happy ending, it was the most terrifying thing I've ever lived through. And all I've been able to do this past week is envision the different ways it could have played out: how my family could have been split apart, how we could have been looking at a best-case scenario of homelessness and a worst-case scenario of.... well, THE worst-case scenario.

Remember how I said things had to get "End of Days" bad for me to leave my home?

Yeah. Irma was looking THAT bad for St. Pete.

But in the end, we got lucky. And things are slowly starting to return to normal, beginning with my mother and grandmother finally being able to go home yesterday. Although their house survived Irma, they had no power, so they stayed with us until it was turned back on. We've been helping them over the course of the last few days move the contents of their house - which they had moved to "safety" into our house - back into their house, including their three cats and dog.

Hence the house cleaning and getting everything back in order in our own house this morning.

I'm tired.

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine saying "I need sleep - would you agree?"
So give me a few more days to finish eating my Hurricane Irma leftovers, catch up on sleep missed over the last two weeks, and stop inwardly crying so much, and maybe then I'll be able to share exactly what happened from September 9th and beyond.

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