Friday, June 9, 2017

Not my week

It's been a bad week. I'm not sure what has sent me so far off my previous path, but I've definitely gone backwards. Today, I must course-correct. 

I've strayed from the Never Binge Again program. My inner pig got out of it's cage. I think he's back in there now, but I've gotta post extra sentries on watch. There is really no leeway for me to have eating free-for-alls again like I did this week. 

Because I've been eating things I have stayed away from in the last month, I've also felt exhausted. Whereas I used to easily wake up in the morning to get a workout done, I have been having a really hard time feeling motivated. My last real workout was my run on Tuesday, but I've been at least getting some walking in. 

Since I've been struggling both with food and exercise, I've lost some points this week on the Whole Life Challenge. There was also an additional component to the challenge this week to avoid social media and only check once each day. I do understand the rationale behind avoiding social media - it can be a time suck, and it can make you feel bad about yourself - but social media doesn't seem to have this impact on me (and when it does, I take a detox break). Facebook is actually a tool I use to coordinate my offline life, from connecting with teammates about our weekly kickball games to planning vacations with friends/family. So I decided to sacrifice WLC points in order to keep my social life alive. 

For example, I was supposed to have a day off of work today to hang out with my friends from Texas, who are in Orlando at Universal Studios with their family. I had been coordinating the meetup with them through Facebook. I was really looking forward to having a butterbeer with them, but a few things came up at work and I was disappointed that I had to cancel my plans. At least they're making their way to St. Pete to stay with me tomorrow night, so I won't totally miss catching up with them. 

Lastly, I noticed this week that the runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon registration has been postponed. It was supposed to happen later this month, but Disney quietly removed the registration info. 

Star Wars Kylo Ren having a tantrum.
My reaction when I saw the registration information was gone.
There's a rumor going around that the construction of a new resort out in Anaheim has really messed things up for runDisney races out there (which is why the Star Wars "Light Side" Half also does not have registration info yet). I am really hoping that they aren't totally cancelling the Tinkerbell race because it's on my bucket list, and I wanted to do it next year since I'm already doing the Princess Half. I really want that pink Coast to Coast challenge medal.

Anyway, although it was a bad week, I'm not going to dwell on it. Life is never going to be perfect, and I know it's a sign of my own inner strength that I've fallen so many times but continue to get back up and try again. 

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