Sunday, January 8, 2017

All Wings Report In

The last two weeks were even worse than I thought they might be. Gum surgery is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Disney Marathon weekend is wrapping up. A few of my college friends had registered for the half marathon, while a few others I know were doing every race to complete the Dopey Challenge. My husband and I fully intended on getting up at 3:30am yesterday to go hold up ridiculous posters and cheer them on, but threats of lightning storms Saturday morning forced Disney to cancel the half.

Disney offered a lot of very nice options for the poor runners who had to miss out, but my heart really goes out to the Dopey Challengers. While I am fairly certain they still get the Dopey Challenge medal for completing the other races this week, people who voluntarily sign up for that kind of grueling torture aren't looking for an easy way out. No, they want the bragging rights. The lost toenails. The hero story. At least, that's what I'll be looking for when I eventually knock it off my bucket list.

Except I was reminded today that Disney Marathon weekend is held during the two days of  actual winter Florida has each year. Might need to rethink this one.

Besides, I'm coming up on the two month-iversary since I quit running, with no plans to pick it up in the foreseeable future. I do have big plans to make a significant investment in my health in the coming weeks, though. I am meeting this week with a few different so-called experts (I'll be the judge, thankyouverymuch), and my only concrete goal right now is to not enter the world of debt while trying to get my act together.

I also have big plans for my professional life and need to focus my writing energy elsewhere. So I'll be putting this blog on hiatus until two things happen:
  1. My new project launches.
  2. I feel like I might be able to run a sub 2 half.  
Please stand by.