Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bucket List

I met someone on Friday night who had run Ragnar Florida Keys in the past, and she informed me - to my dismay - that I might have missed my shot at ever doing this relay race. Apparently, the residents of the area got tired of the race and denied Ragnar the permit to do it last year. It caused a big shit show for Ragnar because teams had already registered, booked flights, etc. The race still shows up on the website as "Coming Soon" but who knows if "soon" will be during my lifetime.

She is doing a Ragnar Trail relay here near Tampa next weekend. The trail relays are a little different in that you camp out instead of sleep in vans like you do for the road relays. My only experience with trail racing was pretty miserable, so I think I'll pass on Ragnar trail runs. I'd still like to do at least one more relay at some point in my future, though. Ragnar Napa Valley might be cool.

If running and I ever become friends again, I've got a pretty long list of bucket list races I'd like to hit.
  • Ragnar (any) - see above. Of course, I'll need a team to be able to do this, so I'm not thinking this is going to be my first option out of running retirement. 
  • Princess Half - a women's run at Disney World, usually held in February. 
  • Tinkerbell Half - the Princess Half counterpart at Disneyland, only it's cooler because A. it's at Disneyland and B.you get a PANDORA medal. Oh, and if I do both the Tinkerbell Half and the Princess Half in the same calendar year, I'll get a special pink Coast to Coast challenge medal!
  • Dopey Challenge - a back-to-back 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon at Disney World. You get SIX medals for doing this. And here I thought I was cool with my four medals earned doing the Avengers Half last month. Of course, I have to run a full marathon to earn these medals, and I've never done that before. 
  • Disneyland Paris Half - I'm just adding this to the list because if I do a Disney race in the states and then do one here in the same calendar year, I'll get the "Castle to Chateau" medal!
  • Hot Chocolate - this race must have been invented for me. They just brought a hot chocolate run to Tampa, which is in two weeks, but Imma wait on this one. My only worry here is that I'll get too distracted by the chocolate and won't actually finish the race. 
  • Rock n Roll Las Vegas - Running the Vegas strip at night sounds awesome, but night races are challenging because they start after my bed time. 
Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon running
Note runDisney still will be taking most of my money in future races. Maybe I never should have done that first race...

If you've run any of the above, how was it? Leave a comment and let me know which one I should register for first after my break from running.


  1. As someone who is definitely NOT a runner {though I try to be}, the best races for me are the obstacle ones! I've run the Rugged Maniac and I HIGHLY recommend it. Super fun, you're not running for time, and by the end you are covered pretty much head to toe in mud ;)

  2. I have done two Ragnars (Florida Keys and DC) and would love to do a couple out west at some point. When I was running, I was a destination racer so I enjoyed ING Miami and Divas San Juan. Both were great but HOT. My first half was my favorite, RnR San Diego.

  3. Valentina - do or do not, there is no try ;) You *must* be a runner if you are doing obstacle races! Shalama, thanks for the ideas, I'd rather pick a warm destination race than a cold one for sure.