Sunday, September 4, 2016

I've got a fever

And the only prescription is more pumpkin.

I typically feel a twinge of depression this time of year - the back-to-school blues, ya know? Except I haven't had to go back to school for quite some time now. I think the shorter days and colder weather always got me down, too. But now that I don't have to acknowledge the "unofficial end of summer" anymore since I moved to Florida, I'm not really feeling all that sad.

Can't be sad when it's PUMPKIN TIME!!!

I wrote about my infatuation with pumpkin last year, and it hasn't really dissipated in the last twelve months. I've been feeling the pumpkin twitch since the week before my birthday. Every day since August 23rd that I stopped into Starbucks, I'd ask if they had #PSL just in case... always denied. (The Hilton SBux next to my old apartment building made them for me super early last year. I miss that place).

Seriously, what's this guy's beef?? It's NEVER too early for pumpkin. 

I can rank order every pumpkin coffee within a twelve mile radius of my home, but I'm not going to do that here because then I would have to divulge exactly how much pumpkin I've had in the last ten days, and that could be slightly embarrassing. But I've got my list, based on pumpkiny-ness, availability of dairy alternatives, cost, and whether I can tell if I'm drinking coffee or not. 

Sorry, clean eating. Maybe I'll see you again in January. 

Oh, I still otherwise eat really reasonably these days. I'm wondering why this guy isn't a billionaire and why he gives away the secret to not binge eating. Or maybe he already is a billionaire and that's why he gives it away? I'm thinking I might just send him a personal handwritten thank-you note.

My running blog has been sparse on content about running as of late. I still do that occasionally. And see cool things:

Sunrise running

I also saw not just one, but TWO friendly cats down near the marina on my running route. One ran off a little too quickly after saying hello, but this one decided to be my pacer for a while:

Sunrise running buddy


  1. I completely know the feeling! Mind you, I'm not big into coffee, but I'm big into PUMPKIN EVERYTHING- in fact I had a pumpkin beer tasting with friends at the house yesterday and I'm looking forward to prepping my pumpkin recipes ASAP!

    Also, I love these pictures of the sunrise and the cats from your run!

  2. Oh, I know the power of all the pumpkin goodies too! Walking into a Trader Joe's around this time of year is like my pumpkin kryptonite.

  3. LOL noooo! I like SOME pumpkin things - mostly baked goods and beer - but NOT PSLs! Here's my issue also: these pumpkin things start getting intro'ed in August when it's 90 degrees out and still SUMMER! I'll be drinking my summer-themed drinks and summer-themed foods until 9/22, thank you very much! :)