Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Solution

Last week, I learned about Dr. Glenn Livingston from one of my favorite resources, Mark's Daily Apple. Dr. Livingston is an expert on binge eating disorder, but I was unfamiliar with him prior to reading Sunday's blog.

So I felt the need to devour everything I could find on this guy. I downloaded his free Kindle book, got all of the reader bonuses on his website, and started listening to interviews he has shared on his own blog. And what I learned from him that the big secret to never binging again is as follows:

Just... never binge again.

WTF, mate. Is it really that simple? What kind of Jedi Mind Trickery is this?

The underlying concept Livingston shares in his book isn't entirely new. The theme was originally put forward in Brain Over Binge* years ago, by Kathryn Hansen. The two authors share a common theory that the primitive "animal" brain is what drives binge behavior. Binge behavior is just a survival instinct running amok. Those who can successfully stop binging are those who can separate themselves from their animal brain, and ignore the impulse to binge. 

But... How does one separate themselves from their animal brain? I don't know how to do that. Nicole is Nicole is Nicole... So while Brain Over Binge made a lot of sense to me, I couldn't really act on what I learned from reading it.

Enter Never Binge Again.  Dr. Livingston gives such a simple way to be able to separate my own logical, ambitious, goal-oriented self with the dumb, ugly animal that happens to share a brain with me. Let me use my very advanced, awesome graphic design skills to illustrate this concept.

Binge Eating Solution

Never Binge Again works for people who have been beaten down repeatedly by their food struggles and are desperate for a solution. And by "food struggles," I mean any problem with food you may have. It doesn't have to be binge eating disorder. Let's say you have a mostly healthy relationship with food, but oh, I don't know, can't resist Mickey Mouse shaped soft pretzels (because, let's face it, everything tastes better when it's in the shape of a Mickey head). You would feel so much better about yourself if you could just say "no" to a Mickey pretzel next time you are at Disney World.

Read the book and see if you really want that pretzel next time you're hanging out with The Mouse.

Now, I can tell you all about how this really works, but Dr. Livingston asked me not to. No, we didn't have a one-on-one conversation (although he does offer that as part of the "reader bonuses"). But he does mention in the book (and I agree) that not everyone is going to readily accept this as the solution. So I don't want to hear any backlash that will knock me off a positive path. I also don't want to list out all steps here for fear of doing you a disservice, dissuading you in any way from accepting the concept... so if you happen to have real problems with food, just do yourself a favor and read the book. It's free, and it's a quick read. Nothing to lose.

And so much to gain. I'm finding the techniques I've learned from Dr. Livingston to be VERY effective.

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