Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Short Run for the Long Run

When I wake up in the morning and can't even contract my abs to sit upright because everything is so sore, the last thing I want to do is go for a run. Of course, I still couldn't get out of bed normally even after forgoing my morning run and sleeping in an extra two hours - it doesn't make a difference when you are dealing with the DOMS. I should remember that next time I don't want to get up early.

I might have just laid there all day, except there's this thing called 'work' that I'm obligated to attend, so I eventually rolled over and oozed myself out of bed.

Dog lazily rolling out of bed

Thanks, Crossfit, for crippling me. I know eventually you'll be nicer to me. So I'm looking forward to meeting you again tomorrow!

As the day progressed, my body felt a little more operable. DOMS always seems the worst in the morning. I started to think about what would make me feel good in the long run - would it be skipping a planned workout completely in the hopes that I'd get back on track in the morning tomorrow?

Or would it be to uphold my commitment to myself, get my easy run done in the evening since I missed it this morning, and re-evaluate what the rest of my week's training schedule looks like?

So I hit the treadmill at Globo Gym for a 3.5ish mile run after work today. When I arrived at the gym, the sauna-like conditions there made me realize I should have just gone running outside. Globo Gym's A/C issues continue, which made for a really sweaty gross run. But it didn't stop me - I just needed to check the box that I did my easy run this week. 

My original plan for tomorrow included an early morning CrossFit WOD, but I need to give myself a little more recovery time from tonight's run. No big deal, I'll just go tomorrow night. 

See? I can be flexible.

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  1. I can totally relate. I've started HIIT training and feel like I'm always sore, yet still need to get the running in. You're right - flexibility is key!