Sunday, June 19, 2016

Squish Like Grape

I had a really awesome three-day weekend in DC and Maryland. Watched a good friend get married. It was an intensely emotional experience as I'm coming up on my own anniversary this week. Watching her on the happiest day of her life reminded me that you only get one best day of your life. It's not fair that it often happens for most of us so early in life.

I always thought I was at my healthiest and strongest on my wedding day. After all, two months before my wedding, I ran my first (and fastest) half marathon. But I now know that how I got to my "healthy weight" set me up with the difficulty I'm having today finding a good balance between diet and exercise.

My new doctor makes me get on the scale every time I go in to the office, which I take some umbrage with. My last doctor didn't force it on me. It pains me to share I'll be celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary at a weight I haven't seen since college. As I started losing weight after I graduated, I vowed I'd never see those numbers again. How the hell did I get back here?

I know how - I'm walking the middle of the road. You either karate do yes or karate do no.

This movie has my favorite montage sequence. I wish I could montage myself through the challenges life presents, but since I can't, it's time to karate do yes. No more of this 'sometimes' indulging in sugar, because we know "sometimes" turns into "all of the time".

I recently mentioned I signed up for Snapchat (DarkSideRunner). I've been trying to use it to keep good visual documentation as I transition to the healthy lifestyle I wish to live. This doesn't mean I'm leaving the blog behind, just means I'm trying something new. 

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