Monday, June 27, 2016

Dynatherms Connected

Today marks two weeks since I've started thyroid medication, which means it's time to up the dose. I'd like to see where this takes me because so far, I haven't felt much different... except in one key area.

I do feel a little more rational around food. Before taking the meds, if thoughts of a chocolate chip cookie entered my head, that would quickly turn into MUST. EAT. ALL. COOKIES.

Cookie monster has an eating disorder.

But in the last two weeks, I find myself thinking "Do I really want a cookie?" Sometimes the answer is "Damn straight I want a cookie!" But sometimes it's "No, I really could use some water though." Or "Maybe I need to just snuggle with the dog."

Nothing else has really changed for me, though. Still kind of low energy. Still low body temps, which means crappy metabolism. Is it just the psychological effect of starting something new that has me thinking more clearly about food right now? Too soon to tell. Maybe some of these other things will improve after I up the dose.

In the meantime, I've decided to stop taking all of the other supplements I was taking because I'm not experiencing all of the amazing benefits they typically promise*.
Here's the thing - I've done my homework and I still believe that these things work. But only for those who otherwise eat normally. Trying to get myself ready to run a sub 2 half marathon by relying on supplements is like trying to form Voltron with just the green lion.

Green lion not running.
The green lion is great and all, but I need 4 more lions before I can do anything awesome.

So I'd like to see where I'm at after my next blood test (probably will be mid to late July) and how I continue to feel around food before I start introducing other things to help out again.

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