Thursday, May 26, 2016


Geez, people. I am STILL SORE from last Saturday's crossfit WOD. I've been using my DOMS as an excuse to remain inactive this week.

But I know it's a lame excuse. I think somewhere I heard that working out again is a great way to get rid of DOMS. I don't remember it taking this long to recover when I first started CF in 2014. Maybe this is what it means to be entering my late 30's.

I've set my alarm every day this week to get up and go at 5:30. When it goes off, I check in with soreness (still there), check in with my ankle (still not 100% healed), and check in with my motivation (not present since the husband is traveling for work this week, so I'm on my own). This is not a good formula for getting back to my fitness regimen.

All of this inactivity is making my average step count suffer. My daily target used to be in the 11k range when I was training for the half. Now I struggle trying to even hit 5000:

Garmin running watch

But I did have a reason to get moving today - it was my first day volunteering at a local nursing home with Project Pup! Ben and I had our dog, Joey, certified to visit nursing homes and hospitals a few weeks ago. It wasn't too hard to find a nursing home nearby in need of a visiting dog... this is Florida. So I met with the Activities Director today, and made my first rounds.

Joey was a hit with everyone, as I knew he would be. Ok, there were a few residents who didn't want to meet him. I don't know how they could resist his big eyes and wagging tail. Just not fans of dogs, I guess.

Everyone else couldn't wait to pet him, though. The residents would tell Joey and me stories about their dogs, their kids, their lives before assisted living. Joey would sit and listen patiently in their laps if they wanted him to. Some people thought *my* name was Joey. I corrected them, but I don't expect them to remember.

So we had a good day, I'd say. Joey made a positive impact and I got a few more steps in than I usually do. I spoke with the Activities Director, and she approved of our visit today, so looks like we'll be going back every Monday evening for the foreseeable future.

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