Thursday, May 12, 2016


This week marked the first time I had to commute to my old office in New Jersey since I moved to Florida last July.

Commuting is good for nothing except rocking out to Britney Spears and NSync. I never said "bye bye bye" to that teeny bopper phase...

I am not looking to give back 90 minutes each day to sitting in traffic, but I did find it helpful for gathering my thoughts and remembering things I forgot to mention on my last post regarding the Dark Side Challenge.

Another reason Disneyland races are so much better than Disney World races? Time zone change. I had to be up at 3am each day of the Dark Side Challenge to hop a bus to get to the starting line on time. Sure, we had to be up early at Disneyland too for the Rebel Challenge... but 3am at Disneyland is 6am here, so I was awake and ready to go anyway. And all of the hotels at Disneyland are walkable to the starting line, so you don't have to hop a bus to get there.

But I do have to give credit in one area to Orlando over Anaheim for runDisney races. Disney World has fireworks at the starting line, which is pretty awesome. They set them off as each corral starts. Disneyland can't have them, I think because of how dry it is there.

I started watching Dark Side Challenge Go Pro videos on YouTube to see if I could randomly find myself like I did after last year's Rebel Challenge. There are so many more Go Pros for this race, I'm not sure I'll ever get through them all, but here's my first find (9:20):

I can't tell if I'm in this next one or not. My neon pink compression leg sleeves usually make me easy to spot, so I'm going to say I'm not in it... but I know this guy was definitely nearby me at the end of the race. He started one corral behind me (he was in "E" and I was in "D") and there are some key things that happen in his video that I remember seeing on the course. I'll take another look and let you know, but in the meantime sharing it here because it:

A. Is one of the better Go Pro videos out there - it only makes you slightly nauseous while others out there are totally going to make you ralph;
B. Gives a pretty good overview of the half marathon if you've got the time or patience to watch 42 minutes of it. At least just watch the first few minutes for the fireworks.

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