Thursday, April 28, 2016

The good

I've gotten the bad and the ugly out of the way. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

Even though I have to live the rest of my life with a new worst half marathon record, I can’t say I didn’t have fun during the Dark Side Challenge. So here are the non-running related highlights. Some of these photos are going to be Disney watermarked, but #sorrynotsorry... not paying an arm and a leg for really unflattering photos of me.

Tangent: Anybody else think it should be a crime to take photos of people running a half marathon? I mean come on. Really.
  • Running with my husband: It’s so rare that I run with him. I’m much too competitive. We stopped for photos at a few of the mile markers, and hammed it up as much as we could for the course photographers. I think he appreciated having the company, except when he’d suggest a walk break and I’d push him to run just a little farther than he wanted.
Star Wars 10k running with my husband
At Mile 2 during the 10k

  • Disney's attention to detail: Even the mile markers were way fun, although I think they really had to reach for 13 villains to display for the half marathon.
Star Wars 10k running with my husband
We will finish what we started.

  • The costumes: I could probably dedicate an entire post to this. In fact, I will at some point.
  • Meeting Phasma… I’m convinced Gwendoline Christie was in this suit. And if it wasn’t really her, this WDW character should get a pay raise. Spot on.
Star Wars 10k running with Captain Phasma
I'm a little short for a stormtrooper.

  • …and Darth Vader. The original baddie. Space Lord Voldemort.
Star Wars 10k running with Darth Vader
This will definitely make an appearance as our family Christmas card in the future.

I have a few running related highlights, but saving those for another day.

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