Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stay calm, stay calm.

Alright, running friends, who else will admit to compulsively checking weather forecasts hourly in the week leading up to a race? Weather.com has become my new best friend over the last day.

Star Wars Half Marathon running weather report

PM thunderstorms on Friday will bum me out, for sure - only because it will mess with my poolside plans. But the real concern here are Saturday and Sunday mornings, when the races occur.

I've actually lucked out weather-wise with every single race I've registered for over my adult running career. The only one that was close to being ruined because of weather was my very first half marathon, which was April 22nd, 2012. This is what I posted to Facebook 48 hours before the race - you can see I was agonizing over having to run my first half marathon in a downpour:

Rutgers Half Marathon running weather report
That wall of green was coming my way for race day.

Sidenote: Just realized I'm coming up on the four-year anniversary of my first half marathon! Oh, to be able to go back in time and meet my old self at the starting line to give her a heads up as to how close she'd come to hitting a sub 2 half. She would have made it happen. One less walk break? Just kick in a super sprint at the last mile? Wonder how things would be different today if I'd have hit the sub 2 way back then.

Luckily, the rain held off until the race was over. Which meant it remained overcast and cool for the two hours I was on the course - couldn't ask for anything better than that!

So this weekend's forecast gives me just a little anxiety. The humidity is a bit high-ish, but I can manage. I'm leery of those PM showers on Saturday... if they don't roll through until later than expected, that could impact the half marathon Sunday as it starts at 5:30am.

Of course, if the race were canceled, it's hard to say how disappointed I'd actually be. I mean, it would be like I'd get a free do-over.

Today's exercise: Unplanned rest

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  1. I just ran my first 5K last weekend and I definitely checked the weather everyday the entire week before the race. It was a little cold (20-30F) but ended up feeling pretty great. Good luck with your race!