Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spoiler Alert

It's official. I'm not quitting running:

Registration confirmation for Avengers Half Marathon running race

Not too many have been with me since the beginning, but those who have know that my original intention was to run the Star Wars Half in under 2 hours and then quit running so that I could stop the run, eat, repeat cycle and focus on getting healthy.

After 2.5 months of training without improvement, I was clued into the idea that there was a way to keep running in my life and get healthy at the same time. I just needed to slow down for a while.

And slowing down for a while was great for improving my health... but hasn't worked out so great for getting me to a sub 2 Star Wars half (which, btw, is only 11 days away). This impending public failure has dealt a huge blow to my self-esteem. If I've seemed more despondent than usual lately, this is why.

I need to redeem myself.

So I decided that Star Wars can not be my last half marathon.

The Avengers Half Marathon will be on Sunday, November 13th, at 5:30 am. That's seven months away... and seven more months beyond when I started this blog.

Remind me when November rolls around that if I'm not able to run a sub 2 half marathon after 14 months of training, then I think it's pretty obvious it will be time for me to find a new hobby.

In the meantime, I'm going to take 60-second improvements in MAF times as a clear sign that there is NO WAY I'm not getting that sub 2 in November.

Today's exercise: Unplanned rest.

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