Saturday, April 2, 2016

SAD Hangover

Marathon family visitation week will soon be over. I will be sad when our guests leave.

But then again... I'll be less SAD.

In order to ensure my guests' comfort during their stay this past week, I had to bring in some staples of the Standard American Diet: bread, cereal, pancakes, chips, cookies, soda... These are things that are normally not allowed in my house because I know I can't say no. But some of the parental units have really strong aversions to vegetables that aren't white potatoes, and I'm not really looking to starve any family members.

Star Wars Finn looking the way my brother does when I tell him to eat healthy food.
The look my brother gives me when I suggest he should have some salad.
They can generally put up with how I eat without too much commentary. My in-laws watched with extreme curiosity when I blended up my coffee with some coconut oil each morning, but turned their noses up when I offered to make them some. Glad I had the foresight to pick up some half-and-half.

This morning, my stepmom was taking orders for a McDonald's run for breakfast. I had been hoping that they'd either want to go out to breakfast or that maybe they'd want to just have cereal at home. When she asked what I wanted from McD's - and I told her I'd pass - she felt guilty and immediately retracted and said everyone should do what Nicole wants to do.

Well... that didn't make me feel so great either. I reminded her that she's on vacation and should get what makes her happy, and not to worry about me anyway because I wasn't feeling so great.

100% true, since I've been nutritionally offroading pretty much all week.

Blaming illness got me out of a fast food breakfast, thankfully. So it's not like I'm being forced to eat SAD, but there have been some less than optimal moments.The rest of my problems from this past week stem from proximity to junk food. In the house = in my mouth.

Owning a home in Florida with ample guest space means I'm going to have to adapt to having visitors frequently. I just wish there was a way for me to be a good hostess without having to buy SAD staples. Eat every meal out? Nah - that would be hard on the wallet, time-consuming, and not sure we'd get everyone to agree on a restaurant anyway.

I wish I could put off having house guests until I have a stronger prefrontal cortex, but who knows when/if that will ever happen. Our next round of guests will be here for the Star Wars Half. Thankfully they are a little more paleo-friendly. And then we've got my cousins here the following week. I have no idea what they eat.

So... I don't really know how to solve this one. Suggestions appreciated.

Today's exercise: Unplanned rest.


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