Sunday, April 10, 2016

Last Long Run

Things seen on today's run:

  1. Advertising for St. Anthony's Triathlon:  And it's happening in two weeks, right after I get back from my cruise! I really love where I live now, there's always something awesome going on. Last month it was the Firestone Grand Prix (I have no interest in INDYCAR, but still cool), the month before it was Gasparilla (Pirate Christmas)... I just feel like I'm finally living my right life. I should have moved here years ago.
  2. Someone who felt the need to stop mid-run - to stop ME during MY run - to tell me my shoes were no good. (Reminder: I've been running in Vivobarefoot since January). His rationale? Not enough cushion and support, and that it would be bad for my knees and hips. I thanked him but let him know I had been running in these for a few months and actually have experienced less injury than I had in the last four years running in traditional shoes. (Ok, I've also been not really "running" either, but he doesn't need to know that). He shrugged, patted me on the shoulder (such a condescending move. ugh) and let me go back on my way.
  3. This thing:

Weird bird seen while running
What the hell are you? A chicken on steroids?
Whatever it was, it was NOT afraid of me.

So today's run - mechanically speaking - wasn't really all that great. I had so many interruptions. I had some really awful headwinds in some places. The overpasses sucked. My shoelaces came untied (I always have my husband tie my shoes on race day because he seems to know the trick to get them to stay).

But at this stage in the game, I don't care.  Considering I'm no longer aiming to achieve anything during next week's race, I just want to be happy and have fun. Wins: The weather was awesome. I got to break in a new pair of earbuds with my favorite running playlist - no metronome for me today. And I said hi to every dog on the trail. So I call today a success.

I've got four very busy, high-stress workdays to get through now. It's like going on vacation doesn't matter in my job - I just have to get my work done in four days instead of the ten days I'd normally have to do it. Somewhere, I'll find time to squeeze in two shorter runs - probably on Tuesday and Thursday morning.

I wish I could just fast forward to Friday!

Today's exercise: 10 miles:
M1:   15:57
M2:   16:21
M3:   16:35
M4:   14:39
M5:   15:05
M6:   14:58
M7:   15:51
M8:   15:16
M9:   15:05
M10: 15:41

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