Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Great Disturbance in the Force

This is why I love runDisney:

Disney Star Wars Half Marathon race running waiver in the force
Clever, Disney. I see what you did with your subject line there.

13 days to go. Here are some things seen on today's run:

  1. A Lamborghini. And a Tesla. And a DeLorean. And the Millennium Falcon. Ok, maybe not that last one, but they were setting up for some luxury car show down in the park where I usually run.
  2. An armadillo. I didn't even know we had those down here! From a distance, I thought it was a possum, but then it didn't seem to care very much as I got closer to it. I caught up with someone walking the path in front of me (I know, funny that I need to "catch up" with walkers still) to confirm the armadillo sighting, and he let me know that I was correct. He also said that's only the second time in the 40 years he's lived here that he's seen one. Now I wish I had taken a photo!
  3. And the most shocking thing of all... MAF miles in the 14's. My fastest mile today was over a minute faster than my best mile last time I ran at MAF. The last time I saw 14:30 miles was back in February during a really frustrating run at a higher heart rate. I know I kept drifting above 140 bpm during that run, whereas today I was able to consistently stay under 135.
And not just one mile in the 14's - but three!


Everything about this week left my expectations low for this morning's run. Honestly, I was ready to take a "win" just for getting out of bed at 5:30 and lacing up. 

So it makes no sense to me that today would offer me my best run yet. What I'm learning is:
No. April Fool's Day was on Friday. I don't believe any of the above for a second. 

The only thing I'm learning is that I just don't have myself figured out.

Today's exercise: Really crazy confusing run

M1: 14:31
M2: 15:06
M3: 15:35
M4: 15:28
M5: 15:14
M6: 14:49
M7: 14:56

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