Friday, March 4, 2016

World's Okayest Runner

It's been a while since I last tracked things seen on my run.

Today was an awesome day for observation. Here's my top 5 from this morning's slow run:

1. Fellow runner wearing a t-shirt with today's blog post title and thought "OMG, that is so me right now." Promptly found on Amazon after I got home:

2. Sheepshead. The water along the bay was so clear today, I actually could see the fish as I ran. I hope I get to see manatees one morning.
Fish seen on this morning's runDisney training run
This. In case you don't know your fish.

3. Brown Ibis. Ibis are a dime a dozen around here, but I've never seen a brown one - they usually are all white. I looked that up too when I got home and found out the brown ones are the same bird, just juveniles.
Bird seen on this morning's runDisney training run

4. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rutt. There are only two things worth pausing running for, in my opinion - sunrises and Cavaliers. They are the world's most polite dogs and it would be very rude to not stop and say hello.

Dog seen on this morning's runDisney training run
I have a real soft spot for CKCS's.
5. Spanish moss. Ok, I see this every day, but here's why it mattered today. I have been told by my mother, grandmother, real estate agent, and others that Spanish moss is a parasite. Beautiful to look at, sure, but deadly to the tree it grows on. So all of this time I've looked past the beauty because I'd instead worry about the tree.

Since I was doing so much online "research" today, I decided to look up Spanish moss too. And learned it is NOT a parasite - it thrives on nutrients it takes from the air, not from the tree.

Tree seen on this morning's runDisney training run
So, moss... we're cool now.

Reminds me not to accept anything as a solid truth simply because someone tells me as such. I've gotta seek my own answers.

Today's exercise: 6 mile slow run (but faster than Sunday's 6 mile slow run, woot!)
M1: 16:36
M2: 17:00
M3: 16:49
M4: 16:51
M5: 16:33
M6: 17:01

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