Saturday, March 12, 2016

Navigating the Death Star Part II

As I mentioned yesterday, navigating business travel while on the Whole 30 has been pretty difficult. I'm super excited to get back home tonight so I can resume life as normal (although I understand there are many out there who fail to see my life as I'm currently living it as "normal"). Luckily, I got to spend the last 24 hours with a friend who is super understanding, supportive, and patient enough to accomodate my pain in the ass food choices. We found an Italian restaurant on the San Antonio Riverwalk that was willing to cook me a whole 30 compliant meal, but I was less fortunate in my hunt for breakfast this morning. I was really looking forward to trying Humble House at the Pearl Farmer's Market, but when we arrived, they didn't have any options for me. My friend found me a Trader Joe's nearby so I could make my own brunch of hardboiled eggs and a paleo wrap with banana and almond butter.

The other major challenge I ran into was sticking to my training plan. I had originally intended to run on Thursday and Saturday morning, but my plans fell through. 3 areas to blame:

  • Weather: There was NO WAY I was running at MAF using the hotel gym. My colleagues are kind of all crazy athletic - every year I attend this meeting, I run into my team at the gym at the crack of dawn. If they saw how I "run" now compared to how I used to train, they'd never let me hear the end of it. So I was planning on doing my runs outdoors... until I woke up to rain on Thursday. Ugh. So I had to alter my schedule a bit.
  • Heels: I work from home in Florida. It's either flip-flops or nothing most days of the week. So when I have to break out the heels for professional meetings, my feet get really angry with me.
  • Exhaustion: I was in back-to-back meetings during the day, catching up on my real work during "breaks", and out til way past my bedtime socializing with my peers. I slept 9 hours over the course of 3 days. 
So running was kind of low priority over the last few days, but I did happen to get out for at least one shorter run yesterday first thing in the morning. It worked in my favor that we were staying at the Westin, a hotel chain that places a great deal of importance on guest health. You can get a map at the front desk that outlines local 3 mile and 5 mile running routes:

Westin running map
I didn't say it was a *good* map, but it was something.

It was a really slow run, but I couldn't be too bummed. It gave me a chance to do some awesome sightseeing at a really peaceful, quiet hour of the morning.  I usually only stop my run for sunrises and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but I made an exception since I'm not entirely sure when I'll be here again:

The Alamo as seen during my sunrise run

I was really excited to be getting home tonight to catch up on some sleep... and then remembered we're losing an hour tonight. I'm just going to have to dig deep for some of that resilience I've been relying on a lot lately.

Today's Exercise: Rest.

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