Friday, March 11, 2016

Navigating the Death Star Part I

So I realize I haven't been posting my food charts lately. Part of me still feels pangs of 'what's the point?' since the revelation hit me a few weeks ago that I wasn't going to achieve my half marathon goal.

But I can tell you that my commitment to the Whole30 has never wavered. Just to give you a quick overview of the Whole 30 - it's a pretty restrictive paleo diet that is supposed to give you some insight into foods that are problematic for you. Because certain oils are excluded, it can make dining out very difficult, but not impossible.

I knew when I started last month I'd be challenged to continue the W30 during business travel this week, so I gave a heads up to our conference coordinator I'd need to get in touch with the hotel and any restaurants we'd be dining at while here. I packed some TSA compliant foods to have on hand for snacks while en route to San Antonio and to have at the hotel just in case - brazil nuts, roasted seaweed snacks, and some of these bad boys*:

Let me tell you, a cut up banana with some nuts in one of these wraps is better than dessert after you've been off sugar for almost a month. While it made for a higher carb meal, it was still pretty satiating.

Despite my attempts at prior planning, being on the Whole 30 during a business trip has been an incredibly difficult experience. Here were my top 3 challenges:

  • Feeling like I'm missing out. My adventure started on Wednesday when my flight out of Tampa was delayed due to bad weather in Houston. I was going to miss my connection in Houston to San Antonio. In order to get me on another flight, I was bumped to first class and given all the perks that go along with it. Not bad, right? Only all of the "amenities" of being a first class citizen were off limits to me. No booze. No chocolate. I'm really hoping the accidental upgrade isn't just a one-shot deal in life, because I really just wasted mine. Also, while at the meeting, free wine was flowing... but I partied it up with my tonic water and lime.
  • Having to go through the litany of foods I'm currently not eating in front of my coworkers, particularly when they are wondering why I'm being served a dry baked potato and veggies while they are gorging on awesome Mexican fare. This doesn't work out so well in convincing them I no longer have an eating disorder. 
  • Putting blind trust in the food that I'm served. When I was served scrambled eggs and fruit yesterday morning, I started the day highly optimistic. When a plate of gluten-free pasta was placed in front of me at lunch, I became less so... the lunch crew didn't have my list of food limitations, so I had to give them an order that I knew couldn't be messed up - salad with hardboiled eggs and olive oil. Most of my days were highly lacking in healthy fats and protein, but they were - as far as I know - compliant. It's what I don't know that's stressing me out right now - how much can I trust the results of my W30 if those scallops I had Wednesday night were cooked in vegetable oil?
Don't even get me started about drinking coffee black. What I wouldn't give for a blender and some coconut oil right now.

I'm on my own for meals the rest of the weekend and still looking for W30 friendly recommendations in San Antonio. Suggestions appreciated!

*Amazon Affiliate Link. This means that if you click a link to Amazon through my site and buy something, I may earn a commission. Much obliged.

Today's exercise: 4 mile Riverwalk "Run"
M1: 18:54
M2: 19:25
M3: 18:45
M4: 17:16

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