Sunday, March 20, 2016

Knot a Problem Anymore

In all of the self-induced 'drama' from Thursday's wagon-fall, I forgot to mention something that actually went right...

Thursday night was monthly massage night! Given my last few attempts at getting massage have actually caused more stress than reduced (see here and then see here), I have made a few strides in eliminating anxiety caused by worrying about the gender of my therapist.

Yes, I actually had a good experience with a male therapist without becoming a complete headcase before laying on the table. Really, only one thing was within my control - the rest I think was the universe trying to make amends after my last experience.

The one thing I did differently? Inquired in advance as to the gender of my therapist while making the appointment.

My intention in asking was, of course, to indicate that I preferred a female therapist. However, my husband was accompanying me for his own massage and I was booking appointments for us both. Unfortunately, at our desired time, there was only one female therapist available.

And - as much as *I'm* uncomfortable with male therapists - I think my husband might be even a little more so.

So it was either change our appointment time or take one for the team.

I really wanted a massage. So I booked it. I made the decision in advance that I was finally going to be ok with it.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was totally calm. And when my therapist introduced himself, I could not have felt any more at ease. He shared a name with my coach, a name I associate with trust. He also had an Australian accent, which I find totally charming. I lived in Australia and studied at the University of Queensland in 2001, which was one of the best experiences of my life. Talk about positive associations!

Me skydiving in Australia
This is my favorite photo from Oz. This was the moment where I briefly considered dropping out of college, staying in Australia, and becoming a professional skydiver.
Anyway... tangent. So my therapist was totally professional. And provided the perfect massage - well-balanced between helping me relax AND working out the problem areas in my upper back (thanks, desk job.)

Lesson learned: Always, ALWAYS assume positive intent from the people you work with, and don't judge the next guy based on experiences you had with the last.

Today's exercise: "Meh" run:

M1: 16:39
M2: 16:26
M3: 16:47
M4: 16:25
M5: 16:33


  1. I can go to a male masseuse, but I can't jump out of an airplane! Nice!

  2. haha, funny how fear works out sometimes isn't it?