Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blogroll the Sixth

Losing an hour + recuperating from business travel = I'm letting others write my blog for me again today.

Star Wars emperor palpatine running on little sleep

This one didn't fit into any of my usual blogroll categories, but please watch it:

Think You Know What Someone With an Eating Disorder Looks Like? Think Again.

Train Like an Athlete:
Think Like an Athlete:
Eat Like an Athlete:
Sleep Like an Athlete: (Appropriate for the end of DST)
Today's Exercise: 7ish mile "happy to be home" run:

M1: 16:24
M2: 16:58
M3: 16:43
M4: 16:27
M5: 17:08
M6: 17:38
M7: 17:48

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