Saturday, March 5, 2016

Blogroll the Fifth

Remember that hot air balloon ride I was supposed to take in January? My husband and I had rescheduled it for today. We were up and out the door by 4:45, at the meetup spot with the balloonist by 5:30, waivers signed and good to head to the launch site by 6, and then on our way back home by 8.

Everything happened on schedule... except for the actual balloon ride.

Unexpected winds interrupted our plans. Boo.

Star Wars Darth Vader angry about the hot air balloon not running
Alright, that's not true. We'll try again in another month or so.
Anyway, here's another roundup of my favorite relevant things on the interwebs from this week:

Train Like an Athlete:
Think Like an Athlete:
Eat Like an Athlete:
  • One person's story about how giving up alcohol for 30 days changed her. Even after my Whole 30 is over, I'm planning on staying dry until after the half marathon.
  • Mindful eating as a weight-loss strategy. 
  • Why people choose to go low carb - I can certainly share that I have better craving control eating the way that I do now.
  • Foodie Bucket List: I'm lucky enough to say that I can check almost everything off on this list, except for South American fare. My opinion? Pho is worth the splurge, beignets are not (unless they can figure out a way for the powdered sugar to stay on the pastry and not get into my hair.)
Sleep Like an Athlete:
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Today's exercise: Rest

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