Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Force Awakens... just not that early.

Not counting one particularly stressful night, I've slept like a rock star since moving into our new house.

That's probably not the right analogy. But sleep. It has been glorious.

Backing up for a second for newbies to the blog - ever since I moved from New Jersey to Florida, sleep has been troublesome. Stress. Uncomfortable beds in temporary apartments. Dramatically changing my diet. The reason for my chronic insomnia isn't totally clear, but when I found out we were finally moving into our new house, I vowed it would end.

Sleep deprivation drove me to promise my firstborn to the local mattress store in exchange for the Cadillac of mattresses. Rhymes with shempurpedic.

Worth. Every. Penny. Except I now get separation anxiety whenever I need to part with my bed in the morning.

Speaking of sleep - while I love my new Garmin FR 230 and its consistent/reliable heart rate monitor, the sleep tracking is wonky:

My Garmin running watch also provides sleep data.
According to Garmin, I must have been sleep walking while moving and unpacking on Saturday. Of course I need to be uber-productive even while sleeping.
Garmin also tried to tell me I slept just fine during that one night I mentioned earlier:

More sleep data from my Garmin running watch.
Garmin, now you are just making me look lazy for not getting up for my run. Why you gotta be like that?

But I digress. I'm travelling this weekend, and really hope my new bed hasn't spoiled hotel beds for me. Travelling also might mean two weeks in a row where I miss a day of blog posting. That just doesn't jive with my OCD, but I'm hoping not to lose sleep over it.

72 days left.

Today's Exercise:  Treadmill run and core work @ Globo Gym:

M1: 15:26
M2: 15:11
M3: 14:41
M4: 14:53

Chili w/ guac, coffee
Chili w/ guac, coffeepeppermint teaSausage
And egg
Grits at

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