Friday, February 19, 2016

Laser Focus

Ok, back to normal running today. I am still not sure what happened yesterday, because I felt exactly the same this morning as I did yesterday.

I'm so happy the weekend is finally here. Monday was a holiday, which was great, but I think my employer then expects us to get five days worth of work done in just four. It's impossible. It doesn't help that I have been having trouble lately focusing on getting any one task done.

It doesn't help that I let myself get distracted by reading articles about distraction.

There's a theory out there that suggests getting easily distracted is a sign of intelligence. So, naturally, I needed to find something that would tell me how easily distracted I get so that I know how intelligent I am.

Totally logical.

I took the one-minute quiz in the link above when I was looking for a distraction today, and apparently, I don't get that easily distracted and therefore must not be that smart:

My response time is slow. Just like my running.

The quiz is flawed, IMHO. What my score really represents is a desire to do something perfectly, even if it takes longer to do. As soon as I was tricked by one mismatched pair, I slowed down to ensure it didn't happen again.

And I know I'm still guilty of distraction, although it's not like I'm just spacing out - my distraction comes in the form of multitasking. I can attend a phone-based meeting, respond to work emails on my work laptop, and check Facebook on my cell phone, all while trying to get my cat to stop knocking things off my desk.

While distraction is a sign of intelligence, apparently it's only a good thing if I'm distracted by one thing at a time - because multitasking is actually making me dumber.

So, really, I should work to commit to being laser-focused on doing one thing at all times, including being distracted.

Don't worry, I'm confused too.

I guess that means I'm not that smart.

Or I just need to slow down during the workday like I have during my runs.  Gonna try implementing some of these ideas to help improve my focus.

57 days left.

Today's Exercise: 7 miles:

M1: 15:20
M2: 15:08
M3: 15:47
M4: 15:16
M5: 15:10
M6: 15:08
M7: 15:31

3 eggs with spinach, BP mocha
Tuna salad, TJ's KrautAlmond butterChili, mint tea

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