Monday, February 15, 2016

I do have my moments. Not many, but I do.

Cinderella's Royal Table at Disney last night was a good once-in-a-lifetime experience. But if you're 1/2 of a childless couple in your mid-30's, probably best to find a reservation elsewhere and let the kiddos take your table.

I learned character dining is not really for me. Especially princess dining (and no, Leia wasn't there). I certainly appreciated the offers from Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, and Aurora to take photos with me, but ladies, I don't need souvenirs that will remind me of my personal shortcomings for the rest of my life. The princesses are all very sweet and are amazingly good at small talk - even so, when you've had five rounds of princesses swinging by your table, you just want to be like "Hey, Sleeping Beauty, if you could just go back to sleep and let me eat my dinner, that would be awesome."

I also learned that Ariel is a pretty normal sized mermaid. There's nothing little about her.

Recommendation for Disney: wait to give my husband toys until after dinner is served, or else stuff like this happens:

My husband misbehaving at Disney's Royal Table
I got a wand, which is way cooler because now I can magic my way to a sub 2:00 half marathon. 
I will say this, though -  it's amazing what a night at Disney does for my mood. We saw two marriage proposals at CRT (aww), the food was good, and we got to hit the three best rides in the park - Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain (obviously, it's not a good ride unless it has "mountain" in the title).

My husband and I also invented a new park game for us to play. Our go-to game has been Park Scavenger Hunt. I'll usually set the initial find for the day - things like "child wearing Yoda t-shirt" or "someone using a scooter who really obviously doesn't need it" and the first person to find someone meeting that description wins. Then the winner gets to pick the next find of the day.

Last night, we challenged each other to find the most people wearing Disney Birthday buttons and say "Happy Birthday" to them. I won with a score of two... usually, every other person at the park is wearing a Birthday button, so I'm not sure where they were all at yesterday. But it did give us an idea for a future game to play - we're each going to wear Birthday buttons next time we go and see who gets the most "Happy Birthdays" from random strangers (park employees do not count!)

I had fun. And that was my goal for 2016 - to have more fun.

And - with the move and all of the stress that comes with it - fun has been severely lacking in the last two weeks.

So I'm happy today. A better mood today allows me to recognize just how whiny I've been over the last week. I had forgotten that the way I'm training now is a means to an end, not the end itself, and just because I'm running 15+ minute miles now does not mean I'll be doing so at the race in two months. I looked back through my logs and see that I'm at week 11 of the 12-week aerobic base building phase, which means I get to start throwing in a faster run in another week.

Plus, I'm reminded that the race is still two months away - that's still a pretty significant chunk of time to improve.

61 days left.

Today's Exercise: 10 miles:

M1: 14:51
M2: 15:29
M3: 15:36
M4: 15:53
M5: 15:46
M6: 15:32
M7: 15:50
M8: 16:01
M9: 15:46
M10: 16:11

3 eggs with spinach, BP mocha (just add cocoa!)
Grilled chicken salad2 HB eggs, pumpkin seedsBeef, spinach

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  1. I definitely think mood impacts how we feel about things and the decisions we make. I think it's funny about your husband and his sword/knife. I think that probably would be the case for many husbands or boyfriends if given the sword early on in the meal. One of those, "hey babe look at this!" Keep building back and you'll reach your goal.