Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Double digit run

Yesterday was a milestone run for me (at least in 2016) in that I hit double digits.

10 miles! It took forever, but I did it.

I was in a good mood, it was a holiday, the weather was perfect - I set out not really caring about my pace, just determined to hit a distance record. I left my Garmin watch face settings exactly as I set them on Saturday - no feedback about pace, just time and heart rate.

I think it helped me have a more even, consistent run than Saturday. Things are far better when you aren't getting beeped at every other minute.

Here's a graphical representation of Saturday's run - blue indicates my pace, red indicates my heart rate. See how choppy it is? When I said I was running - then walking - every other minute, it wasn't an exaggeration:

Garmin running data from a Star Wars Half Marathon training session
Average pace on Saturday was 15:14 min/mi

Now take a look at yesterday. Better - fewer peaks and valleys, at least until the very end there:

Better Garmin running data from a Star Wars Half Marathon training session
Average pace on Monday was 15:42 min/mi

So I learned I *can* run more slowly.

But what I think this is also telling me is that I can walk faster at a lower heart rate than I can run. Because even with all of that walking on Saturday, I was 30 seconds faster per mile than I  am during a consistent run.

After three days of running and covering 20ish miles, my rest day today was definitely earned. Hitting the pavement again tomorrow morning  - and tomorrow night is monthly massage night, woo hoo! (And if you are keeping track, note that I'm counting this early February massage towards January. I'm still not spoiled.)

I've also decided to jump into my 3rd Whole 30... er, might just be a Whole 24. I have been thinking about  doing this for a while - given I'm no longer running myself into the ground like I was during my prior two Whole 30's, something tells me that this is the time I could very well see some life-changing results. I still don't have a good 30-day challenge-free window to get this done before the race. I'm worried about a business trip I'm taking in March at day 24 - but I'm gonna try my hardest to see it through.

60 days left.

Today's Exercise: Rest

3 eggs with spinach, BP mocha
Beef, spinach, mint tea2 HB eggs, pumpkin seeds, krautBeef, spinach, mint tea