Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bitter. Cold.

52 degrees sounds warm.

Dwight Schrute thinks it's too cold to go running.

I like to squeeze as much running as I can in before work starts, so I buy myself some extra time by preparing what I can the night before. I'll check the weather to see what I need for an outdoor run, lay out my running clothes and shoes, pack a gym bag if I'm planning on using the treadmill instead of running outdoors, and make sure my heart rate monitor is accessible.

Last night, I saw the forecast for 5:30 am today indicated it would be about 46 degrees, so I added my hat and gloves to my pile of running gear. I thought about possibly doing another treadmill run instead of an outdoor run, but figured I could handle cooler temps. Considering I'd just run in near freezing cold on Sunday, 46 degrees actually sounded quite pleasant.

My alarm went off this morning and I stepped outside to walk my dog. It was right on the border of being warm enough that I knew a hat and gloves would feel sweltering during my run, yet cold enough that I'd still be uncomfortable without them.

I decided to leave them behind - I figured that maybe after my warm-up, my fingers and toes would feel a little less numb.

Again, Dwight Schrute thinks it's too cold to go running.

Even when the sun came up about an hour into my run, it was still too cold. And - just like on Sunday - I had a really hard time getting warm again today even after my run was over.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so I'll get another shot at running outside on Saturday morning - looks like it will be 54 degrees again then. I'll plan on wearing my hat and gloves, and just carry them if it gets too hot.

Anyway, I'd like to blame the cold again for another crappy "run", but I'm really just starting to feel like maybe this approach is just not working for me. These "wogging" paces are incredibly frustrating, I feel like I have to slow down to a walk every two minutes, and I'm just not getting anywhere. I want to run, damn it. A 6 mile run with a warm-up and cool-down should not take me two hours.

Here's someone like me...

...except she seems to be meeting all of her goals. Yes, she trains in lower heart rate zones, but also incorporates faster runs. She's smashed her weight loss goals not by vilifying any one category of food (looking at you, carbs), but by counting calories. She eats what she loves, but makes sure it fits within her calorie range for the day.

She also has anxiety but manages it with medication. That's the only thing I really don't want to do.

I'm going to see how things go with Saturday's run first, but I might be ready to make some changes.

65 days left.

Today's Exercise: Arctic run

M1: 15:49
M2: 15:50
M3: 15:58
M4: 15:19
M5: 15:02

3 eggs with spinach, coffee
TJ's chicken burger and baby spinach, teaTJ's Kraut, 1 HB eggs, HC LatteChipotle Carnitas salad w/ guac, TJ's 72% cacao dark chocolate

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