Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You can't stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.

I feel mired down. Stagnant.

I mentioned this last week and thought maybe a Whole 30 would be in order. If you aren't familiar, the Whole 30 is a stringent elimination diet that can be fairly life changing. But when I think about my life over the next few months, I think I could be setting myself up for failure if I take this on.

  • Finally moving into my house next week - three months after the original closing date. It's not all celebration and excitement, though, as I learned it might be some time before I have access to the internet. Long story... but for someone who works from home, likes to blog, and gets all her entertainment from Hulu/Netflix/HBOGo, it's problematic.
  • Having dinner with princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table on Valentine's Day. Not sure if the Magic Kingdom can accommodate the Whole 30 way of eating.
  • Taking a business trip in March.
  • Having company visit in April.

I can't find a good stretch of time where I can commit to this for a solid month before the half marathon, unless I can work it out with Disney on February 14th. 

So I've been thinking about where else I can make improvements in my daily feelings of well-being, and one area is my relationship with coffee. My single cup coffee brewer has been in storage since we moved in July, and I have been using drip coffee makers that come with the temporary apartments I've lived in. My husband doesn't drink coffee, so I'm on my own for drinking a pot.

Star Wars Princess Leia runs on coffee, too.

Alright, I'm exaggerating, I don't drink an entire pot. I definitely drink more than I should, though. 

Beginning tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can go without it until I move into my house and get my single cup brewer back. I think that's going to be about 10 days. I've got two flavors of Trader Joe's tea that I think will make a good substitute. 

Bring on the withdrawal symptoms.

88 days left

Today's Exercise:  Rest

3 eggs w/ spinach, coffeeSalmon Salad, teaMore coffee (getting my goodbye in)More salmon salad and tea


  1. Wow, as a fellow blogger--I feel your pain about possibly not having internet access. That would not be good!
    As for the coffee--drink LOTS of water, and hopefully that will help stave off some of the withdrawal symptoms. I have had to cut out coffee before for various reasons, and I noticed that when I drank more water and was more active, my body handled it better.
    As for the Whole 30--why can't you just do it and have 1 cheat meal when you go to Disney? Which, by the way, I am extremely jealous about, haha.
    I hope it all works out for you!

  2. don't go without it! seriously, my experience with this is that you have to wean yourself off a bit at a time. cold turkey just leads to headaches and grumpiness!

  3. I don't like coffee but need my sweet tea to function. Best of luck and yes drink lots of water!

  4. Love your post! I, too, am a huge coffee lover; however, I drink decaf too as it's the taste I enjoy over the caffeine. Well- the caffeine is great too, but then when there are instances that require me to go without . . . ugh . . . withdrawal headaches are the worst! =) I drink green tea a lot as well and that is a good substitute. Congrats on tackling the Whole 30. My hubby and I did the 30-day challenge, and I went off coffee. The first few days were rough, but then I actually slept better at night AND had more energy (surprisingly)! You can do it. You are awesome!

  5. You are braver than I am my dear! I did a sugar cleanse before getting pregnant, which included no coffee, and that was a rough month. But I survived and so will you. I'm totally back on the train though...a toddler will do that to you!

  6. Be brave! Although, I read more and more about the benefits of coffee in moderation. I guess I'm not helping:( I wish you well.

  7. It's a great goal and painful to think about! Tea is a good substitute though. All of the best in your minimal coffee adventure!

  8. Oh, I couldn't go without my coffee. Best wishes for you though.

  9. I'm grateful to have never been a coffee drinker. I was a reporter and didn't get hooked then like many of my colleagues. I like the smell of it but have only ever had one cup my entire life. Good luck. You can do it.