Friday, January 8, 2016

That little droid is causing me some trouble.

I'm going to go ahead and say the Garmin sleep tracker is off. Had another rough night last night, but the sleep tracker tried to tell me it was an improvement over the night before:

My Garmin running watch shares some sleep data.
I woke up quite a few times throughout the night, but this says I was awake for 2 mins.
I've been somewhat flippant here about my lack of sleep, but it's pretty distressing. Especially when you read articles that say you lose strength and brain power after prolonged periods of insomnia, and there's no repaying your sleep debt. 

So I'm thinking it's time to try adding a few more carbs back in. But not until tomorrow.

I'm wrapping up a four-day egg diet today, which was my own adaptation of an egg fast. The purpose? Kick-starting some weight loss, getting a healthy dose of a good source of protein and lots of fats, and preventing any further urges to binge during a very stressful week alone. 

I didn't follow the egg fast rules as written, which only allow for 1 tbsp of fat per egg consumed and some cheese. I used heavy cream throughout the day... and included spinach with my eggs. I probably watched too much Popeye in a prior life, but I have a hard time totally forgoing veggies. 

I'm on day four and achieved two of my three objectives. I don't think I lost any weight, but I don't use a scale so I can't be positive. I think the greatest benefit was that I really didn't have to think about food at all - I didn't waste precious mental energy on deciding what I wanted to eat.

I did notice a bit of a slow down in my run times, though. But is it the diet? Or is it the fact that I also ran after work this week instead of before work (so I'm already kind of tired by the time I get out the door)? Or is it my lack of sleep catching up with me?

There's too many variables. It's making thinking, training, eating, and sleeping like an athlete really complex.

I might do it again in two weeks and stick to the rules of the egg fast as written to see if I can also achieve some of the weight loss benefits. If you're worried about me and my cholesterol, don't be - the USDA actually dropped it's recommendation to limit dietary cholesterol. And also cracked down on sugar. Bravo.

99 days left - Under the 100 day mark. Time to get serious!

Today's Exercise:  Outdoor "run":

M3: 16:04
M4: 15:45

3 eggs w/ spinach, coffee3 eggs w/ spinach, tea2 eggs3 eggs w/ spinach

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