Sunday, January 17, 2016

Run, Interrupted

The Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon was this morning. Just like I ran a 10k yesterday to celebrate the one year anniversary of my participation in the Rebel Challenge, I considered running a half marathon today to keep the "celebration" going. (Notably, I will also be running the Dark Side Half Marathon in exactly three months.)

But, at the pace I'm going now, running 13.1 miles will take me all day. And I really don't have all day to run.

Especially in a tornado.

Yes, a tornado touched down not too far from where I live well before I woke up this morning. I wouldn't have left my apartment had the weather been iffy, but it was pretty mild at 6 am. A little breezy. No rain in the forecast.

It's amazing how unpredictable the weather can be down here.

About three miles into my run, the sky became ominously dark. And the wind came out of nowhere, which gave me a nice bump in pace. So I didn't mind it.

Until a few electrical wires supporting a traffic light came down in a sea of sparks right across the street from me. As you can tell from my super consistent and even heart rate, I wasn't scared at all. #Sarcasm

My Garmin running watch shows where my heart rate jumped.
I said "No thanks" and peaced out.

I felt a bit unfulfilled having to cut my run short, so I made the quick drive over to Globo Gym to work in a few more miles on the dreadmill afterwards.

90 days left

Today's Exercise:  Tornado/Treadmill Run:

M1: 14:50
M2: 15:27
M3: 14:47
M4: 16:05
M5: 15:15
M6: 15:22

Spinach and cheddar omelette, coffeeBeef StewHC Latte2 HB Eggs


  1. Yikes, I'm glad you're okay! I hate tornadoes; we were under tornado warnings all the time when I lived in Alabama, so I was really happy to learn that New Orleans doesn't really get them (except for the random fluke).

    We run about the same pace! I would love to find a running buddy here; but even the self-proclaimed "slow" runners still run faster than me!

  2. Thanks Christina! Tornadoes are a new one for me - I went through two hurricanes (Sandy and Irene) in NJ, and a number of very small earthquakes and very large wildfires when I lived in CA. I'd rather not see a tornado anytime soon.

    It's definitely hard being the slow one in a running group. I went to a few meetups with a group called "Running for Brews" around here but they all left me in the dust. Maybe we should start our own slow roll running club for people that do 15 minute miles :)