Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pirate Christmas

While running yesterday, I noticed that the homes of Tampa have all traded in their Christmas lights for pirate flags, and replaced wreaths made of holly with wreaths made of feathers, bandanas, and all kinds of scalawag things. You can't get your photo taken with Santa in the center of Hyde Park Village anymore, but any of the roving buccaneers will be happy to pose for a selfie with you.

A wreath perfect for a pirate.
It's all very shiver me timbers.

Which means one thing... it's time for the Gasparilla Pirate Festival! I really have no idea what this means since this is my first year as a Tampa Bay resident, but methinks it's going to involve a lot of booze. It could fit interestingly into my New Year's Resolution to have more fun. I have to give it some thought as to how I want to participate without necessarily getting wasted. That doesn't really fit into my goals so much this year. 

Speaking of new years, I learned that I was actually faster than the average female runner in 2015. Bully! 

Of course, my average pace in 2016 isn't what it was last year. Ah well. It's still early in the year, Anyway, you can check out how you stack up and see other interesting running statistics here. Apparently, Florida made the top three for flattest terrain, but the shocker was that it wasn't #1! To think, I'm actually missing the rolling hills of New Jersey.

In other running news, apparently you only need to run 6 miles a week to improve your health... at a pace of 10 min/mi though. I wonder what the target is for people like me running 16-minute miles.

I still wanted to do something to get my mood and overall well-being on track after recognizing that quitting coffee cold turkey wasn't going to work out, so I started an egg fast again. This time, I'm following the rules as written to see if there's a different outcome. 

Also, I've been nutritionally "off-roading" over the last week, so I'm thinking this is what I need to get me back on track.

86 days left

Today's Exercise:  Bayshore Blvd Run:

M1: 13:00* (Probably not quite right... using Map My Run instead of Garmin tonight)
M2: 16:36
M3: 16:59
M4: 16:06

3 eggs, coffee3 eggs, tea2 HB EggsMore eggs and tea

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