Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Never tell me the odds.

Another runner I follow (Katie from Runs for Cookies) was featured on a podcast at Runners Connect a few days ago, so I spent some time checking out some of the resources on that site. Found this article:

To summarize, the author calls it a fad, suggests there is limited research to support it, and acknowledges that maybe it is best for ultramarathon runners only. The article also points out a high fat diet isn't going to help you go fast.

But I don't think that's quite right.  Check out this guy, a doctor/athlete/human guinea pig who found through his own self-experimentation that low carb does actually enhance performance at all intensity levels.

As I understand it, a high fat diet helps you go the distance - because you have unlimited fat stores to tap into for fuel. The other energy source that helps you go fast - glycogen - is limited. But it's not like your body forgets how to burn sugar to go faster. When you drift above your maximum aerobic heart rate, sugar burning accelerates and fat burning gets pushed aside accordingly. 

Which is why training yourself to go faster at a lower heart rate is so important...

So I'm going to keep eating my eggs and coconut oil, run really slowly with really tiny increases in pace, and hope the odds are ever in my favor for April.

Star Wars Han Solo says "Never tell me the odds"

102 days left.

Today's Exercise:  Outdoor"run":
M3: 15:40

3 eggs w/ spinach, coffee3 eggs w/ spinach, teaN/A3 eggs w/ spinach

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