Saturday, January 23, 2016

I can't keep the vision out of my head.

Despite waking up at 5 am this morning, I still think I'm making progress with my low carb insomnia. 5 am is not 3:30 am. It's not 4:30 am. 

I also actually remembered my from dream last night. It's been a while since I last had a dream I remembered. This time, I was really mad that my husband moved our two cats, Kirbi and Zelda, into our new house that we haven't closed on yet. Obviously, our housing drama weighs heavily on my mind. If we don't close this week, we're homeless. 

Star Wars Yoda can't foresee our future.
Even Yoda cannot see our fate.

Do our dreams have any meaning? These nine common dreams supposedly do. I have had a recurring "unprepared for a test" dream even though I've been out of college for 14 years. The way it always plays out is that it's the last day of the semester and I have a final exam for a class I never showed up for. I always assumed it meant college really stressed me out more than I thought it did, but I guess it actually has more to do with current anxiety levels. I could see that being pretty accurate for me.

I've also frequently had the falling dream, which startles me enough to wake up and grab my pillow. This one could have two meanings - either you are overwhelmed by something or you need to let go of something. Plausible.

Dreaming and sleeping a little bit later represent major changes in my sleep pattern that I haven't seen in almost two months now. I'll take the improvement. 

Hoping to start moving the needle on speed next.

84 days left

Today's Exercise:  Treadmill run and core work @ Globo Gym

M1: 16:24
M2: 16:13
M3: 16:13
M4: 16:09

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