Sunday, January 10, 2016

Go that way, you'll be malfunctioning in a day...

Running barefoot on the beach - sunrise, ocean sounds, soft sand on your feet... sounds fun, right? 


Running in the sand is only fun when you don't have feet like BB-8 in Star Wars.

My feet were destroyed after this. I didn't feel anything going wrong while I was running - only when I was done did I feel the damage.

Sand is not your friend.

Other things that are not your friend on the beach include:

  • Hurricane force wind: Unless you enjoy being pushed two steps backward for every step forward you take.
  • Broken seashells: These blend in really nicely with the sand and will WRECK you if you're barefoot.
  • Cannibalistic Seagulls: I'll spare you the gory details.
  • Power-walking grandmas and one pregnant lady: One of my power-walking friends had a cockatiel on her shoulder and I so desperately wanted to take a photo, but when I pulled out my phone to do it, it was locked and said I had to wait 3 minutes before attempting to unlock! Guessing my keys were hitting it in a way that kept attempting to unlock it. Anyway, those 3 minutes cost me the photo - Cockatiel lady turned off the beach into her apartment. Lame!

Next time I'm sticking to the sidewalk and taking shoes. I will say that the one thing that kept me going was the Star Wars station on Pandora. I discovered it yesterday - you not only get John Williams (LOVE him!), but you also get other greats like Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer. The force is strong with that station.

Oh, the big news of the day is I think that I slept last night. The fact that I'm not sure is a good sign, right? I woke up this morning at 6:20 remembering only that I did get up really briefly in the middle of the night, but not recalling if I was up at 4 as usual. Here's what Garmin says about last night:

My Garmin running watch shares some sleep data too.
So welcome back, carbs. At least carrots and green beans. You guys can stay for a little while.

97 days left

Today's Exercise:  Beach Run
M1: 16:49
M2: 16:06
M3: 16:02
M4: 15:57
M5: 17:23

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