Thursday, January 14, 2016


Today is not going at all how I wanted.

I'm not a Powerball Billionaire. (To be fair, I only bought one ticket. I figure if I'm going to be THAT lucky, then I'm really just going to be THAT lucky). Was really hoping I could quit my job today so I could actually enjoy a holiday weekend.

Star Wars Darth Vader is going to need me to work this weekend.

I also didn't get up for a run. My feet are fine. The cold won. And the cold isn't going away anytime soon - I'm just going to have to learn to love the treadmill again for a while.

Overall, I'm just feeling a bit let down. Not experiencing the highs and lows I did after I dramatically changed the way I ate last month. Maybe I complained about the mood swings then, but I kind of miss it now.

An app called Timehop on my phone reminded me that January 14th in prior years held some significance, even if today wasn't anything special. The app looks through your Facebook and Twitter posts and lets you know what you were up to on this date in history.

Last year, I was en route to Anaheim to run the inaugural Star Wars Rebel Challenge.

Ok, that was special, sure. But of even greater importance is this one:

That time I went on a really long boat ride

In January, 2009, I left a fairly secure job in an uncertain market to work a temporary, low-paying gig in a computer lab aboard a cruise ship for a program called Semester at Sea. Think of it as a floating university, where American students take college courses on board, and apply what they've learned as they circumnavigate the globe.

I was gone for four months. I didn't make a single phone call, but kept friends and family informed as to my whereabouts through email, Facebook, and a personal website.

When I returned, my bank account was empty, but my life was certainly richer for it.

A healthy Nicole eating waffles in Vietnam
Vietnam. There's a long story behind why I have no hair, but you can google "Neptune Day" if interested.

When I left in 2009, I had yet to sign up for my first race, but I definitely had picked up running by then. And I developed *real* sea legs. It takes some skill to work a treadmill aboard a tiny vessel rocking its way across the Atlantic Ocean.

When I hit the treadmill tomorrow morning, perhaps I'll pretend I'm back on the MV Explorer

93 days left

Today's Exercise:  Rest

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