Saturday, January 16, 2016


In honor of my fellow Star Wars/running enthusiasts out in California today beginning the first leg of the Rebel Challenge, I decided to run a 10k myself... with a little extra thrown in for good measure... and then went to Hollywood Studios for the new Star Wars Experience. 

I may not be doing runDisney today, but doing a run AND THEN Disney is just fine, too.

10ks are not a distance I race frequently. I noted yesterday the Star Wars 10k was not my personal best.

That honor goes to the "Run from Winter," a 10k I did at a park in NJ about a month before the American Odyssey Relay in 2013, in 54:07:

The Map My Run app shows the route from the "Run from Winter" 10k race

The thing I most remember about this race is that it was called "Run from Winter" and it was officially spring at this point - but it was about 23 degrees outside. 

My husband and me at the "Run from Winter" 10k
It probably holds my best time because I really was trying to run from winter. Did I mention how happy I am to live in Florida now?
Then there was the George Washington Bridge run in June 2014. At first, I thought it might be kind of a lame race when I found out we'd be running the lower level of the GW, but it actually turned out to be pretty awesome. The upper level kept the sun from scorching me, and it still provided some great views. Did that one in 59:31.

Map My Run shows the course from the George Washington Bridge run
Apparently, I also took a swim in the Hudson. Methinks Map My Run had a little trouble getting satellites on the bridge.

My husband, friend, and me at the George Washington Bridge run
My husband did the 5k, and my bestie did the 10k with me.
In October 2014, I did the Runner's World Five and Dime in Bethlehem, PA. It's a 5k immediately followed by a 10k, so I'm not sure I want to count it as a 10k. And Bethlehem... holy hills, batman. So yeah.. my time of 1:06:42 I'd rather forget. But still a cool race though.

My husband and me at the Runner's World 10k run
Apparently I did not use Map My Run for this, as I have no data on it. 

FYI - Runner's World also sponsors a half marathon the day after the Five and Dime, and doing all three races is called the 'hat trick.' I don't think I could ever do a half marathon there - the hills are killer.

Another bridge run I don't have data for is the inaugural "Race Across the Bay" Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run in Maryland. This was on November 9, 2014 - just a few weeks after the Five and Dime. Did much better there in 57:25.

So that brings us to my last 10k, last year's Star Wars 10k, 59:23, not awful for me considering I stopped for a picture and was trying to hold back a little knowing I had a half marathon the next day.

Map My Run shows the Star Wars runDisney 10k run

And here I am one year later running a 10k in like 90 minutes. 

And, more likely than not, I'll be running April's Dark Side 10k in about 90 minutes. 

The half is just too important to me.

91 days left

Today's Exercise:  Bayshore Blvd Run:

M1: 15:40
M2: 16:06
M3: 16:31
M4: 16:21
M5: 16:15
M6: 16:03
M7: 16:25

Beef stew, coffeeHB EggN/ASomething at Hollywood and Vine

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