Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Fun in my Run

I read these "Running Tweets that Will Make You Laugh" today - and laugh I did because I've definitely thought some of these things over my running 'career.'

Today marks day 3 of low heart rate running. I really hope this works... because I'm enjoying my workouts for a change, not thinking this one:

Running is like walking, only faster and horrible

When my alarm clock buzzes at 6 to wake me up, I no longer pull the sheets over my head and give myself forced pep talks to get out of bed and go punish myself at the gym. Rather, I look forward to welcoming the day with an easy walk/jog - "wog," if you will - that leaves me feeling energized to take on a full workday.

I won't know for sure if this is working for me until I get my nutrition under control and start implementing the MAF tests monthly. And who knows if I can really be certain if I'll do my half marathon in under 2:00:00 using this approach? But like I said yesterday, I'm enjoying this for now.

The Apple Watch definitely didn't calibrate when I did my outdoor run yesterday, because it told me I ran over 4 miles again today (it was 3.24 according to the treadmill). I'm going to try again to run outside tomorrow with my phone, but will leave Map My Run turned off and take the same route I did yesterday. I'm debating what it means for me if I can't get the mileage right - I'm enjoying a lot of the features of being a smartwatch owner, and I can still continue to use mileage from the MMR app on my phone when I'm outside (I use it no matter what for music anyway). Here's hoping tomorrow's outdoor run goes well - if not, it might be time to try one of the other options I've been considering like the new Garmin or the Polar A360.

136 days left.

Today's Exercise:  45 min treadmill run, 3.24 mi, HR: 140 bpm average

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