Monday, December 28, 2015

The Force

These intense, positive, powerful feelings I have been having lately can only be due to one thing.

The Force is strong with me.

Star Wars Han Solo: That's not how the force works.

Alright, I know. I just feel fantastic because low carb, high fat (LCHF) eating has finally given me a level of control over unhealthy behaviors I have been fighting for years.

But I'm not Jedi level yet.

Considering Christmas and Sugar are as tight as Chewy and Han, I'll give myself credit for maybe escaping a few Tie Fighters. Even so, I'm all too aware that it has only been less than a week since my last binge.

I read another story of self-experimentation about a marathoner who switched to a high fat diet. Spoiler alert: She PR'd but didn't meet her goal. She also concluded that LCHF dieting was unsustainable.

Her experience was just that - her own experiment where n=1. I'm not going to read too much into her conclusions on LCHF diets - maybe she just didn't want to keep her diet going as badly as I do because she doesn't have a messed up eating disorder.

But what I do intend on taking from her story is that simply changing my relationship with food is not by itself going to get me to a sub 2:00:00 Star Wars Half marathon. "Running" 15 minute miles now isn't going to translate into running 9:05 minute miles in April without reintroducing some carbs (and NOT binging) and without getting more than four hours of sleep in a night. I'm working out a plan now to try phasing carbs back in after Saturday.

Why Saturday? I'm attending my alma mater's bowl game here in Florida.

You thought Christmas was a carb nightmare? Try Penn State tailgating. That's like the Sith Lord of carby events.

Sorry about all of the Star Wars references. I saw the movie again last night and it was just as amazingly awesome as the first time around.

110 days left.

Today's Exercise: Rest

3 eggs with spinach, coffeeTuna salad, peppermint teaHC latteTJ's chicken burger and butternut squash/spinach

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