Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Force Awakens... at 4am

First of all, I just need to get this out of my system:


Finn realizes the next Star Wars movie won't be out until 2017.
There wasn't a single thing I didn't like about this movie. Maybe Maz. Not too sure about her.

So now that's settled. I was disappointed at The Mouse earlier this week for reasons I can't share until after Christmas, but after seeing this movie, all is forgiven.

I ended up solving my dinner dilemma last night by heating up chili and popping it into a thermos so that I could eat it in the car on the way to the theater - so it was still an earlier dinner than usual, but at least wasn't around the same time as my grandmother eats. The theater had a bar and was serving "Light Side" and "Dark Side" cocktails. They actually had a decent Malbec available, so I opted for a glass to have with my almonds - I know I said no wine unless it's a special occasion, but this definitely counts, right?

So 4am rolled around this morning and I, of course, woke up, despite going to bed later than usual (and being woken up by a beeping dying battery in our smoke detector in the middle of the night). It's so weird how my body's internal clock knows precisely when it's 4am. While I'm thankful wake up time is no longer 3am, I still can't understand why I never adjusted to sleeping later - it's dark, it's cold (for FL, anyway), and it's not like I'm feeling 'refreshed' as soon as my eyes open at that time. All I'm asking is for just 2 more hours, body... then, we can get up and run (or walk or whatever).

I'm about to go give Disney more of my money, as my niece is down here from Pennsylvania with her high school to sing in the candlelight processional at Epcot. There's a lot of temptation in the World Showcase now, as there are special goodies they only make available at this time of year.I just have to remind myself that's not what I'm there for.  I'm there to see my niece. And ride Test Track. We have dinner reservations at San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion, which I've never been to. Disney is pretty awesome about accommodating all dietary restrictions, so while I'm not sure what I'm having yet, I'd wager a guess it's going to be some form of two week test compliant taco salad like I have been eating most of the week. No complaints on that front.

119 days left.

Today's Exercise:  Walking, 60 mins on the 'mill, around 16 min/mi

3 Eggs omelette w/ spinach, tomato, onion, Coffee
TBDAlmondsTBD but probably a taco salad.

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