Monday, December 7, 2015

Sleep Troubles... Again

It's been a while since I last complained about sleep. I moved to Florida in July, and have stayed at temporary apartments where comfort is hard to come by. But while my bed isn't great, I am lucky that it's much quieter (and darker) here than it was in my apartment last night. I had a scare the first night here where a train woke me up in the middle of the night, but that was a one-off event, thank goodness.

So sleep has been good, but then there was last night. For whatever reason, it felt like every little noise jarred me out of sleep - the dog breathing, my husband rolling over, someone walking down the hallway.

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine is running on low sleep.

It's very timely that this article came out on the Whole 30 website about sleep trouble today. I'm not doing a Whole 30 (a very restrictive Paleo diet) - but it just so happens that my last two days doing the Maffetone Carb Intolerance Two Week test are whole 30 compliant.

I have done a few Whole 30s in the past and recall having nights with interrupted sleep. According to the above article, when insulin resistant individuals go low carb, your body thinks it is starving and will go to great lengths to keep you awake so you can go find food. It will adjust over time.

Some of the suggestions he offers to solve the problem are easy enough for me to try. I haven't been as diligent about incorporating meditation as I have been in the past, so I can start doing that again. Exercising at least 3 hours before bed is not a problem, especially when I work out in the morning - except I wasn't able to wake up in the morning today because of the lack of sleep! I initially excused myself from the gym today because Mondays are supposed to be rest days anyway - but I'm not really sure if I'm supposed to rest while training this way, so I got out for a run in the evening instead.

What I can't do is eat my carbs at the end of the day - every meal I've been having is fairly equal in carb count as the point is to be low carb overall. But maybe I'm getting antsy too soon - maybe my sleep issues last night were completely unrelated to my diet. We'll see how it goes tonight!

131 days left.

Today's Exercise:  45 min outdoor run, HR: 143 bpm average

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