Sunday, December 27, 2015

Running Low on Magic

I really need to start sleeping. After waking up yet again at 3am, I can hardly pull my thoughts together for this post.

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine is running low on sleep.
I really am starting to look like this too.
Google tells me others who have gone the low carb way have trouble sleeping. Glad to know it's not just me.

I love everything else about the way I feel when I'm eating high fat. Just check out this euphoria. Yet if I want to solve my sleep challenges, everything points me back towards adding more carbs. The only problem is that my brain does not seem to differentiate between angel carbs like sweet potatoes and devil carbs like Oreos. I learned in the past week it's going to be tricky for me to go back without engaging in unhealthy binging behavior.

When I passed on a strawberry at breakfast today, my mother made a comment about how my diet is too restrictive if it doesn't allow fruit. I explained to her that it's a restriction I've placed on myself until I can figure out a way to eat a little bit of food containing natural sugars and starches... and then stop. She let it go, thankfully.

Before I started testing out the Maffetone Method back in November, I'd meet my mom every Saturday or Sunday morning for spin class, and then we'd have breakfast. After reading that I'd need to engage in lower heart rate training, I still met my mother at the gym but opted for the treadmill instead of spin. I had been feeling a little bit guilty about this - like I abandoned her - and decided to join her for spin today. I thought I'd be able to just keep resistance low and do my own thing to stay in my MAF heart rate range.

False. I could not get a good rhythm going at all.

So I'm thinking I really am going to have to abandon her until the Star Wars Half is over. Hopefully I'll be forgiven. The family has been supportive of the changes I have made over the past month, but because they don't seem to have the same struggles I do - and therefore don't read and follow the same circles I do -  I never expect them to fully understand.

111 days left.

Today's Exercise: Spin

Omelette, coffeeChiliwalnuts,
HC latte
Not sure yet... going back to see Star Wars tonight!

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