Wednesday, December 23, 2015


How does one recover quickly from sliding back into old, harmful habits after two weeks of abstention? I think I may have an answer.

Just think of everything you'd normally do after a relapse... and then do the opposite.

After Monday night's crash and burn, I thought about why it happened. I thought about how I could use the fact that I had already screwed up to justify further 'up screwings,' at least through the end of the week since I was so worried about Christmas anyway. I thought about cutting back on what I ate yesterday to compensate for mistakes made Monday night. I thought about adding a day of hard core sprint sessions, because that would certainly make me feel better... right?

And then I remembered this is my usual pattern, and it hasn't done me much good over the years. So I did everything differently. I immediately made a meal plan that's more compliant with the Two Week Test way of eating for the day instead of shrugging my shoulders and getting a gingerbread latte. I added more healthy whole food than I've eaten in quite some time, not less.

I still went out for my morning exercise because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to. And I enjoyed it. I saw a dolphin. I saw a heron catch a fish. I saw a father riding his bike with his son before school and heard him say to his kid "Don't go too fast or you'll be too tired to make it back" and thought "that's so sweet" until Dad actually passed me on his bicycle. He really should think about wearing a belt next time. Dude, pick your pants up.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker sees two suns while I saw two moons while running.

So I'm back in a good spot right now, and sticking with two week test compliant eating for a little while longer. Might seem extreme to some, but "everything in moderation" is flawed advice. Articles like this one upset me. Would you suggest to an alcoholic "You're allowed to have one tequila shot?" Don't think so.

But I could be on board with "Everything in moderation...eventually."

115 days left.

Today's Exercise:  70min outdoor "run" around 15:30 min/mi (headwinds today)

3 eggs, spinach, coffee
chili w/guac,
peppermint tea
almondschimchurri chicken, salad

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