Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Light speed

Yesterday, I did another outdoor run to help calibrate my Apple Watch - it's been way off in mileage in the past. I think it did better last night, but hard to know as I ran no other apps on my phone so not entirely sure how far I went! I had heard that calibrating it outdoors while running with your phone will help with accuracy on mileage tracking on indoor treadmill, but all is still TBD.

I enjoyed running after work yesterday. Bayshore Blvd in Tampa is a fantastic place to go for a run - beautiful waterfront views, historic homes that are stunningly decorated for the holidays, and comfortable temperatures (at least at this time of year). However, it may have been a mistake to do an evening run - I might have been better served with a day off.

When I tried to go for a run this morning on the treadmill, my heart rate jacked up to 145 at a speed of 4.0 - this is just a speedwalking pace for me. I gave up after 5 minutes and switched to an easy pace on the elliptical instead.

What's at play here?

Is it that I did not allow enough recovery time in between workouts? Seems to me I shouldn't really need that much recovery running at the pace I'm currently running at.

Or is it the impact of being on Day 4 of the Maffetone Two Week Carb Intolerance test? I perhaps just don't have the energy to keep this up... it's to be expected, but I hope that it passes quickly.

One thing I did learn last night is that I'm running at practically the same pace as my husband. Nice to be able to run together instead of me leaving him in the dust... but this does not make much sense to me. His MAF HR is 10bpm lower than mine. He also hates running - where I am used to doing 29 minute 5ks and 2 hour half-marathons, he usually does 45 minute 5ks and 3 hour halfs. Showing my competitive side for a moment, but what the heck is that about?

Star Wars Millennium Falcon runs into hyperspace
What's the opposite of light speed? Because that's what I'm running right now.

130 days left.

Today's Exercise:  45 min elliptical, HR: 143 bpm average

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