Saturday, December 26, 2015


"OMG, Nicole. What are you smoking?"

My good friend Doubt paid a visit this morning. She wants to know what I'm so excited about. I'm still not exactly "running."

Star Wars Han Solo: Don't get cocky about my latest healthy eating habits.
So I skipped a slice of pie yesterday. BFD.
I promise I'm not on any drugs. Doubt's just kind of a jerk.

She did make me wonder, though... is there any benefit to running high?

Marijuana's effect on runners seems to be inconclusive. Not a lot of "scientific" research done on the topic. Shocking.

The "Pros" that are of the most interest to me:
1. Better sleep
2. Reduced anxiety
3. Pain relief

And, of course, the "Cons":
1. Smoking is gross.
2. It increases your heart rate.
3. It's illegal.

So, no, I'm not going to smoke up before my next run. I'm certainly not going to eat any brownies. Frankly, I don't need anything else that's going to kick my cravings for junk into high gear. I'll continue with my natural high from eating good food (or maybe from continued sleep deprivation...)

Note on that last con, though - legalization is very likely to be on the ballot for the November election here in Florida. Medical marijuana was a ballot initiative in 2014 and - even though it had majority support at 57%, you need 60% here to pass. Supporters are thinking it will do much better during a presidential election year.

Which way would I vote? I'm not going to share exactly where I stand here. I have friends and family who may be reading and I'd rather just let them think they know the answer.

112 days left.

Today's Exercise:  90 min outdoor speedwalk

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HC latte
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