Friday, December 25, 2015


Santa brought me some awesome. I don't mean the latest Garmin Forerunner. The best gifts of my life weren't found under the tree.

Strength. Resilience. Hope.

Guys, I might FINALLY meet my goals in 2016.

I've been doing the same thing over and over again all these years, and expecting different results. (See: Insanity). And now I'm doing something different, and it feels good.

Christmases past would never have been very merry to me without gingerbread lattes, pecan pie, and stockings full of chocolate. Or without a 7 mile run in advance of Christmas dinner.

Didn't miss these things at all today.

Let me just walk you through the past 24 hours:

I freakin baked a batch of cookies last night and didn't even lick the beaters. My mother got every single one of those cookies (ok, my husband snuck two). Took joy in the simple act of carrying out a tradition.

Ok, there was also some awesome under the tree too. The big hits of today, of course, were Star Wars related.

My dog Joey was very excited about his Star Wars Christmas gifts.
This is my dog signaling that he is very pleased with his Yoda leash and collar. He usually only does this after belly rubs.

Star Wars Key Chains
My husband and I are going to have keychain duels. He will likely always win.

I kept today a rest day. My mom and I walked to the beach. (don't worry, Apple Watch kept me informed I was always at a lower heart rate).
Took a rest from running to walk on the beach and saw a "Florida Snowman"
Florida Snowman

Then we went out to Christmas dinner. I wasn't 100% vigilant - there were some sauces and dressings that may have had some sugar or wheat - I made the best choices I could from what was available.

Making healthy eating choices while at the buffet
These were beautiful. It was like art. So I left them alone so that others could appreciate them.

And this was my dessert. Yes, I'm serious.
Had red snapper for dessert - no binge eating for me today.
Red Snapper a la mode.
 And then I took a selfie with my dog.

Joey and I say May the Force be with you this holiday season.
Because this is me HAPPY. For real. No more fake smiles.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope Santa also brought you the awesome.

113 days left.

Today's Exercise:  Rest, recovery walk

2 eggs, ham, coffeeall kinds of awesome. ham, braised cabbage and brussels sprouts, mixed veggies, red snappernah, still full.also full.

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