Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crash and Burn Into a Pile of Donuts

It wasn't donuts, but it doesn't matter. That thing I so desperately didn't want to happen... that extinction burst, that moment I was so committed to NOT let happen...

... happened last night after dinner.

My sugar addiction overpowered me. Think sugar addiction is a myth? Think again. Let's look at the facts - illegal, addictive substances generally come in the form of some kind of white powder and originate from processed and refined plants, right? What is sugar? What is flour? Is it so far a stretch to say some of our 'food' can have an intoxicating hold on us?

Where do we go from here? Say "Screw it" and slide back into old eating habits for the rest of the week since it's Christmas anyway, and remind myself to get back on the low carb/fat-adaptation wagon the very next day?

That's what past Nicole would expect me to do. It's certainly compelling. But that's the way to the Dark Side - always coming up with excuses for continuing the run, eat, repeat cycle.

Future Nicole thinks something needs to change now if it's ever going to change. Rather than chalk up last night's wagon fall to failure, she wants me to take this as a learning experience - that perhaps even a sweet potato might be too much carb for a sugar-addict to handle right now. Future Nicole knows I need to take the path to the Light Side, even when I'm at a special holiday buffet on Friday.

So the question is... What's present Nicole going to do?

116 days left.

Today's Exercise:  1 hr outdoor "run" around 14:30 min/mi

3 eggs, spinach, coffee
chili w/guac,
peppermint tea
heavy cream lattemore chili w/ guac

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