Thursday, November 19, 2015

The day is mine!


Today's the first day I have felt "normal" in about two weeks. You know, I can handle particularly stressful days at work, or the annoyance of having to move apartments, or trying to train for a Star Wars Half Marathon - but dealing with all of these things at once really pushes my limits. Everything appears to be on track for moving into our house in a month, and I actually would be happy to do this over the holidays as I can then take time off of work and focus solely on unpacking and running.

So the moving part is over for now, and work is returning to a more manageable pace. Is it a surprise then that I was also able to jump eagerly into my day with a 6am date with the treadmill? My husband and I rolled out of bed and drove the 15 minutes to the closest branch of Globo Gym (aka LA Fitness). Even though our new temporary apartment complex has a gym, it's kind of terrible. Only one out of three treadmills currently works. So we traded out convenience for function - except when we arrived, we were crestfallen to find out that branch of LA Fitness was a "Signature Club." Technically, the membership we have shouldn't work at "Signature Clubs" - but we decided to try just walking in anyway.

And it worked! We both scanned our membership tags, no problems or questions asked. So maybe something changed in the fine print of our membership contract, but more likely the person at the front desk doesn't get paid enough to care we're technically not supposed to be there.

Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi says we can go about our healthy workout.
Or maybe my husband Jedi Mind-Tricked her into letting us in.

It seems my luck is finally turning.

I did my intervals today at 6.0-6.3 for two minutes, then bumped up to 8.0 for 30 seconds. Tomorrow, I'd like to see how long I can sustain a 6.6 mph pace, as that's what I'll need to do consistently to achieve my sub 2:00:00 half marathon goal.

149 days left.

Today's Exercise:  5k treadmill run (intervals - avg 9:40 min/mi pace) @ Globo Gym, arms

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