Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful for Turkey Trots

I'd always find a way to get a workout in on Thanksgiving - usually somewhere in between the Macy's parade and actually sitting down to eat. But it was only two years ago that I started taking place in a tradition others have enjoyed for quite some time - the Annual Turkey Trot. Did you know the first Turkey Trot was in 1896 in Buffalo, NY? (More interesting facts about Turkey Trots here.)

I am not sure what compels me to keep this tradition going - my 2013 race was completed on icy roads and below zero temps, and my 2014 race was completed in a snowstorm. But 2015 looks a little bit different for me:

Me and my husband at different Thanksgiving 5k running races.
This year on the left, last year in a snowstorm on the right.
Me at my first Thanksgiving 5k running race.
As a crazy random happenstance, I was reminded last night to purchase this photo from the 2013 race.
See how bundled up I was?

I love living in Florida. Anyway, I'm glad I found a local race to sign up for, as  this was my first one since January's Star Wars Rebel Challenge. 2015 was an odd year for me, as in the past I would sign up for at least a 5k every other month or two. But with selling my NJ house and moving this year, it didn't leave much time or energy for races.

The Goody Goody Turkey Trot here in Tampa was a really lovely course, starting out at Amalie Arena and running along the water on Bayshore Blvd. I wasn't really expecting a PR today or anything like that since I'm just getting back into training. Just looking to have some fun.

In lieu of posting my meal log for today - because who can really keep track on Thanksgiving - here's what my plate looked like:

A healthy Thanksgiving meal.
And yes, there was pumpkin and apple pie afterwards!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

142 days left.

Today's Exercise:  30 minute 5k - Goody Goody Turkey Trot

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